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Letters of Recommendations

If you would like a letter of recommendation, please ask me first, in person. Then follow the instructions below.

My Information for the application:

Name: Daniel Leven

Position: AP Mathematics Teacher

Email Address: dleven@sandi.net

School Address: 10510 Marauder Way, San Diego, CA 92126

School Phone Number: 858-566-02262 x 4007

School Fax Number: 858-549-9541

School College Board Code: 052858


Mr. Leven only writes letters for students he can support wholeheartedly. (He suggests to others that another faculty member will be able to do them more good.)

If I’ve told you in person to come to this page, there has been a “yes.” You’re now responsible for completing the following in good time for Mr. Leven to review them before writing your letter:

Biographical Details

Please Complete This Form to the Best of Your Ability. Your Letter’s Strength Is Directly Correlated to How Well You Complete This Form


Ask your counselor for a copy of all of your previous high school transcripts. Please give a copy of each to Mr. Leven. Electronic Copies are fine.

Waive your right to confidentiality

You should always check the box saying that you “waive confidentiality” on the recommendation. This is because admissions committees, if they think the letter is being written “for the eyes of the student” (or parents), don’t take it seriously.


If your program requires Mr. Leven to mail the letter of recommendation, then you must provide a stamped, correctly addressed envelope with a return address posted. I recommend that you type the addresses on them for a veneer of professionalism.

Mr. Leven’s return address is:

Daniel Leven

Mira Mesa High School

10510 Marauder Way

San Diego, CA 92126

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